"Incredibly helpful staff..very knowledgable on dog food, accessories, pretty much anything dog related..I really can't stress how warm and welcoming the owner and employees are; it was my first time visiting today and I will certainly be back. Great selection of healthy foods for your pets and interesting array of home made treats."


"These are people who clearly care about your animal. They know every product inside and out and can recommend the right thing for your best friend. They were happy to offer me samples of various dog foods so I could figure which one my dog would like best (he prefers lamb because he thinks he's sophisticated...) and for foods that are 100% real, clean and made in America there priced reasonably."


"Excellent service and quality dog food and treats for the fur babies. They have a break down of the ingredients of everything they sell (no nebulous treats from China). I appreciated the time they took to fit my baby GiGi with a harness until we found the perfect fit. This place is awesome!"


"Love them! Been in twice and everyone is sweet and so friendly! Great shop! Has awesome affordable dog clothes and lots of fun leashes and collars! Will be back soon! My dog loved it too! I think he loved that the lady behind the counter gave him a yummy treat too! You can also pick up beacon dog park tags here!"


"They love my dogs, and my dogs love them!!! We always get a really awesome welcome when we come here. They even offer to deliver the dog food directly to our house! They have a great selection and are very knowledgeable."


"We brought our puppy here for the first time today after moving to Beacon a month ago. I absolutely love this place. They are so knowledgeable about animals and the food they should eat. Scruffy was given a few things to taste as he has been a little picky with food. We even got a free sample of puppy food to bring home to try. We will definitely be switching him over to all natural food and treats. Perfect place to get your furbaby a special treat too. Scruffy got a few of those as well. And the prices are reasonable!"


"I love that place they know me and my dogs .they introduce me to new products nice to have a store that cares about me as a customer and my dogs. Thank you !!!"


"Cutest pet bakery I have ever been too! The staff is extremely pleasant and friendly and there is a wide selection of many different baked goods, sealed bagged treats (including gluten free) and even some pretty awesome toys that are better quality than anything you will find at Petco. I will definitely be returning too this place! It was a wonderful experience with great products!"


Great local Family Run Place in the heart of Beacon.Great Friendly & Knowlagable Staff, That helped me to find a proper collar for my red nose pitbull. My dogs go CRAZY for the cookies.I will be a regular! -Thanks Again Guys, Steve & Mocha aka "Louie


I shopped at Beacon Barkery yesterday and what a pleasant experience! The new owners are very friendly and extremely helpful. Recommendations were made for healthy foods and treats. The store is clean, well lit, and very neatly arranged. It was easy to find everything! I know I will be back!