Treating Man's Best Friend to the Best Products

Feed your favorite furry friend all-natural products from Beacon, NY's favorite pet store

Pet Supplies, Accessories, Holistic Pet Care, All Natural Dog Food

All-natural foods aren't just for people anymore-now, you can give your canine the same healthy options so they stay happy and healthy. Beacon Barkery offers Beacon, New York cat and dog owners a new way to shop when it comes to their pet's wellness. Come to our storefront and stock up on:

Organic treats
• All-natural cat and dog food
Accessories, and many other unique products your canine will love!

Give the fluffiest member of your family the best products to keep them looking and feeling great. Shop Beacon Barkery's wide selection today.

No artificial ingredients in our gourmet dog foods

You wouldn't eat food with ingredients you couldn't pronounce-why would you let your pet? Buy from Beacon Barkery and guarantee your dog won't ingest harmful chemicals or preservatives. We sell dog food and baked treats using only ingredients like eggs, honey and cinnamon. Your pet will love chowing down on these tasty, healthy treats!

With pet-friendly versions of cannoli's to bacon-cheddar biscuits, your pup will be chomping at the bit for these wholesome snacks. Keep your canine well-fed to promote better health. Drop by Beacon, New York's Beacon Barkery!

Need help with your pet while you're gone?

Beacon Barkery not only offers treats, toys, food and accessories for your pet, we also offer dog walking and cat and dog sitting. Please contact us to learn more about specific services and pricing.

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